What we Lose every Year 

Every year we waste over $250 Bn worth of energy, $50 Bn by operational inefficiency and over $100 Bn in work efficiency caused by an unhealthy office environment.


Traditional automation technologies operate on fixed schedules and standard assumptions of occupancy in commercial and residential buildings. But in reality, only about 1/3rd of these assumptions are true. 

Why is it so? 

Traditional automation systems are disconnected from the users and the environment in which they operate. Thus, they end up lighting and ventilating empty buildings, storerooms, and flats most of the time

What to do?

It is critical to view your building holistically — as a virtual ecosystem, where managing successfully is based on a sum of all parts, not on each part acting independently.


Technology enables us to combine the needs of all stakeholders, identify where there are areas of shared concern and what is unique to the individual stakeholder, and to build a system that addresses each of these characteristics.

What we Offer ?

BEAD helps the building owners and companies to understand and see how people are using and behaving in buildings during the day in order to have the opportunity to operate their buildings without needing any human intervention.

Beyond serving as the operating system of record, the integrated BEAD system platform:    

  • Reduce response time to tenant service requests, positively impacting tenant satisfaction.

  • Deliver key maintenance instructions and information when the engineering staff is not on-site with a piece of equipment that needs attention.

  • Enable tenants to provide feedback to building management about the quality of the service provided.

  • Capture key information about the quality of service provided, enabling building management to ensure vendor compliance with service level agreements and improve vendor performance while reducing costs.