BEAD Sensor
BEAD Gateway
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BEAD Sensor
BEAD Gateway
BEAD dashbaord 3

The Solution... 

Our product, BEAD, is an IoT device that is integrated into the building at multiple points. Our devices analyses and learn the daily use cycle, energy consumption, user behavior and occupancy changes of commercial buildings with its built-in motion, temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors, and gives feedback to automation systems, connecting it to the real-time operation of the building.

The System... 

A machine-learning powered control system that controls HVAC, BMS systems to make them more responsive and more efficient, to make workers more comfortable and lower buildings’ massive carbon footprints.

After this crucial process, it gives feedback to its automation systems, connecting it to the real-time operation of the building. 

BEAD platform analyses real-time data from BEAD sensors. Uses algorithms to understand human behavior and occupancy trends.

The software analyses data in order to understand how people are using the building and how the indoor circumstances are changing according to human behavior and usage trends of different parts of the building.

BEAD takes every detail seriously to produce outputs for optimized building energy management. And occupancy trend information is explicitly rendered to be used for commercial and marketing management purposes.

It starts with digitalization! BEAD sensors analyze human behaviors and occupancy changes inside the building. Next, with the use of BEAD software, occupancy cycles, movements, and density change information can be collected. This information, in turn, helps you to develop marketing strategies, optimize operations and increase energy efficiency without breaching user comfort

BEAD Gateway which integrates himself to Buildings System as the brain of BEAD.  

BEAD Gateway is compatible with all B.M.S systems and protocols (BACnet, Modbus, KNX,

Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, DALI, etc )

on the market.

BEAD uploads automatically the drivers of the buildings automation system to your BEAD system without the need of buying new software. You will have a system that combines the fragmented smart building systems into one platform.

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