Our core values define our strategy

We are living in the second machine age, the effects of climate change are growing and we are in the era of the need for real-time actionable, continuously created meaningful data that can be implemented in various applications from smart city technologies into the claims process, from operational management into space optimization.

  1. We work with our customers to reinvent their business – delivering capacity for growth and reducing the cost to serve.

  2. We share risk with our customers, to minimize the level of investment needed by them.

  3. We invest jointly to grow and innovate, giving our customers the peace of mind of working with Bead Data as a low-risk, financially stable partner.

  4. We deliver truly end-to-end solutions, to ensure that the benefits of Total Transformation can be maximized.

  5. We deliver through a long-term partnership at the most senior levels, based on joint commitment, mutual trust, and aligned objectives.

  6. We deliver excellence by focusing on customer experience (CX) and have a unique and holistic CX practice, which comes at no extra cost.

  7. We drive value out of the organization’s data.

  8. Our digital transformation capabilities are combined with deep industry expertise, depending on each customer’s business.

  9. Innovation is at our core, with continuous improvement built-in.

  10. We live our values: honesty, transparency, accountability, integrity, and trust.

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